Myanmar gained independence from Britain in 1948. Similarly, the civil war, the birthplace of independence, was not long after independence.

Although officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Kachin, Karen Mon Myanmar, Rakhine Shan and other ethnic groups; Other armed groups and the Tatmadaw have not been able to reach a ceasefire to date. Statements from the military can be heard, but the voices of the ethnic nationalities can only be heard by those on the mainland through private media.

This book is a translation of Bertelina’s book Burma in Revolt, which has been documenting Burmese politics and ethnic armed groups in the border areas since the 1980s.

The book consists of 10 chapters, covering the assassination attempt by the Secretariat; Yangon Government Burmese riddles that are not easy to comprehend; Peace must be achieved within a year. Secret War Retreating into the wilderness; The military has seized power. The communist regime’s destructive military machinery; Weapons Drug and ethnic resistance; The outbreak of the 8888 uprising; These include a military coup and a proliferation of drugs.

The letter, written by Bertel Lina, author of several interviews with the Communist Party and ethnic militias, states that the civil war in Burma has lasted for a long time.

First of all, Bertelina, the author of the original book, has been traveling to the border areas and witnessing live with the insurgency since a time when it was difficult for a local to cover the Burmese insurgency.

He is concerned about Burma. He is also currently writing on ethnic issues. Land of Jade based on northern Kachin issues; He authored a number of books, including The 88 Real Uprising and Outrage; Burma’s Struggle for Democracy.

1947 – One year after the assassination of General Aung San and members of his government, independence in 1948. Information in Panglong Agreement Communist Party of Burma Then there are the civil wars; The position of the ethnic armed groups; China’s involvement in Burma’s insurgency နဝတ၊ SPDC peace efforts; Internal and external peace efforts under Thein Sein; It is clear that the general views of both sides are written in detail.

During Thein Sein’s tenure, foreign “peace envoys” “Repatriation expert”; Crowds flocked to their stake in Burma. Only a handful of these experts have a very deep understanding of the complexities of ethnic issues in Burma. ”

In short, this book is about the situation after independence from England. Armed insurgent groups along the border; Opium cultivation; It is definitely a good book to refer to when it comes to the opium market.

The more than 500-page book contains photographic evidence and is sure to be a reference to post-1948 Burmese politics.